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UI Compilation Highlight – Ultimate Shaman UI

April 14, 2010 2 comments

A few weeks ago, I highlighted an amazing UI compilation from Damia, based primarily at ranged caster DPS. I generally have a mixed relationship with compilations. Frequently there are things in there you don’t really need. This can result in a very bloated UI that in turn, slows down your machine and affects your FPS in raids.

That said, some people are simply talented at designing UIs. As such, compilations can be a way for players with less time on their hands, or perhaps simply with less inclination to spend their time creating a UI to utilise a good interface.

They can also provide a good basis for modifying a UI to suit your own personal needs; perhaps even acting as a good source of inspiration for creating your own UI

This UI has been around for some time but was recently updated for patch 3.3.3. The UI itself is courtesy of Syronius, a shaman residing on the US servers. One of the things I like about this UI is the support for all three specs. You can download the UI from here. The author also has his own thread here where he provides help for people having issues setting up the compilation.

Unit Frames and Raid Frames

As I’ve mentioned before, pitbull frames, while popular, are notoriously bloated and many people complain about severe drops in their FPS while using them (particularly in 25 man raids). If you’re looking for another option for your unit frames, this compilation utilises stuf unit frames.

I haven’t personally used these frames (though I am going to in my next UI creation which I’m starting work on shortly), I have heard many good reports from players who have switched after suffering performance issues with pitbull.

In addition to stuf frames, the screenshot also shows Syronius’ grid setup. Grid has always been my preference for raid frames and when combined with mouse over macros, makes for an excellent healer base.

One of the thing I love about this author’s UI’s is the option to download parts of the UI alone without needing to download everything and extracting the addons you wanted. You can download his grid configuration here and according to the wow interface page, his st_uf frames will be available for download shortly.

Totem Timers

On the above shot, you can also see totem timers making an appearance. Regulars to my blog will know that this is my totem addon of choice and you can read my own review of the addon here

Satrina Buff Frames

SBF has long since been one of my favourite addons due to the immense flexibility it gives you in seeing precisely what you want, where you want. Indeed, this is another addon that I have reviewed in the past.

SBF makes an appearance in this compilation also.

DXE Raid Warnings

As with Damia’s UI featured before, this compilation utilises DXE boss mods as opposed to the more commonly used DBM or BigWigs.

You can see DXE running in test mode in the screenshot above.

Power Auras

A favourite addon of many raiders, power auras allows you to create visual alerts for just about anything in the game. Charles over at wowhats has previously featured this addon and included his personal preferences for it.

This compilation has power auras implemented for all three specs and you can see an example of the enhancement auras as seen in game showing below.

Elemental Auras

Restoration Auras

Enhancement Auras

Boss Debuff Auras

Imbue Auras

Engineering Specific Auras

Racial Auras

Once again, the author has released his power auras settings as a stand alone option. This can be found here. In addition, there are youtube videos showing the auras in action for all three specs:-

All movies serve as a good method in which to see the entire UI in action also.


While there are some elements of the UI that I would personally change (the very large chat frames and the multitude of bartender bars for example), I do believe that the author has done an amazing job at presenting a UI fully compatible with all three shaman specs.

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