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UI Compilation Highlight – Damia UI 3.3

April 3, 2010 4 comments

I always stress the importance of a good UI. In the past I’ve highlighted specific addons that I personally use and believe to be the best (or very strong contenders) in their categories. Creating a UI can be a very timely process however and if you want to make it visually appealing also, it can become even more so.

Some people may prefer, therefore, to download compilations. I’m generally not a huge fan of most compilations out there. Unless you pay careful attention to what you’re downloading, you may end up with multiple addons that you don’t need and this just bloats memory usage in game. That said, there are some UI compilations out there that are extremely well designed and for most people, creating better is an unlikely task.

Damia has been mentioned on this site before when her DBM customization was featured in a number of my raid screenshots. Her compilations over the years have been exceptional and throughout Sunwell progression, I was using one of her UIs with no alteration or editing by myself. A few days ago, she released her latest compilation. Her previous incarnations have all been warlock UIs, though with a small amount of editing, they will work perfectly well for most people. Her latest UI also features her settings and addons for her own restoration shaman. For both this reason and the fact that once again, it’s an amazing UI, I believe it deserves a mention here.

Firstly, you can find her compilation here

This compilation is very extensive and features support for multiple raid frames and two different boss mod addons (grid versus Stuf_raid and DBM versus DXE). You can simply choose which you prefer to use.

Stuf_Raid Versus Grid

I am personally a huge fan of grid (and I’ve been promising an article dedicated to this addon for a long time). For those who aren’t, Damia has included full support for Stuf_raid frames.

Grid appears is her resto shaman compilation and can be seen in the screenshot below.

Alternatively, if you’re not a fan of grid, stuf_raid frames make an appearance in her death knight’s UI.

Enabling either of these addons will simply require loading the applicable profile and disabling the addon you don’t want at character select (though I would advise that you remove any addons you don’t wish to use from your computer entirely.)

For anyone unfamiliar with stuf frames, you can read all about them here. They’re starting to appear more and more in many well known UI designs as a more lightweight alternative to Pitbull frames (which honestly, are a huge memory hog and many users complain of drastic FPS drops in 25 man raids while using these frames.)

DBM Versus DXE

She has included customized versions of both DBM and DXE boss mods in her UI.

The above screenshot shows her DXE timers setup on her death knight.

Her cutomized DBM setup can be seen above (and yes, I repeat it’s her DBM setup that I use on my shaman and that can be seen in all of the screenshots on this blog)

Once again, both addons are included in her compilation so it’s simply a matter of loading the addon you prefer and selecting her profile.

Other Things to Note

The UI features ForteXorcist for the dot timers and the cooldown bar. These can be seen below on her warlock.

These have been my preferred DoT timers for many years now. They’re very well maintained and frequently updated. In addition, I don’t think I have ever encountered a serious bug during my entire time using them. (For those wondering, yes there is a shaman version, it simply requires that you turn it on at the addon screen of the character select and it does update your flame shock duration correctly as your levels of haste alter.)

Her damage metres are Skada instead of Recount. Once again, this is to address the heavy memory usage associated with Recount.

The compilation also includes my favourite buff management addon, Satrina Buff Frames, which have featured on this blog before.


If you’re looking for a UI compilation for your shaman, this is definitely worth checking out. Her UI’s have been featured by many websites over the last few years and as usual, this version is amazing. You should also note that Damia’s official UI thread can be found here. She’s very good at answering any questions regarding her UI and helping people to fix problems with installation (she has a lot of Finnish fans as you can see from the postings but I can assure you she will reply in English!)

Another compilation caught my eye last week and I’ll be featuring that over the next few days also. After all, what better way to spend the holidays than fixing your UI?

On that note, Happy Easter to all my readers!

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