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Elemental Shaman and Target Debuffs Part 2 – Satrina Buff Frames

February 3, 2010 8 comments

Satrina Buff Frames is a buff and debuff window addon. Unlike many other addons of this type, it allows you to make multiple windows all of which can be configured individually to display different information.

The addon’s official home can be found at Satrina Buff Frames. Alternatively, it is available through the curse downloader, through their website or via

Once the addon is installed, the command to open the configuration panel in game is /sbf options. This will open up a window as follows:-

Setting Up a Basic Buff Window

The following will describe how to set up a basic window to show YOUR (the player) buffs.

First things first, is to create your first buff window. There is a button to the bottom right of your config window called “New Frame”, click on that.

This will open a new frame in the centre of your window. It will most likely be named SBF 1:-

For this frame, we’re going to set it up as a general player buff frame. That is to say, its going to show your general buffs.

Rename your frame “Buffs” by deleting the default text in the “Frame Name” field. You also need to tell the frame WHO’S information it should display. Under the frame name field is a drop down window entitled “Frame Unit”, select “player”. (See image below)

Finally, you have to tell the window what to show. Firstly, tick the option that says “Buffs” and untick “Debuffs”. Below this are two more check boxes, one says “Whitelist” and the other “Blacklist”. For this window, select “blacklist” (see the image below)

(Whitelist and Blacklist determines what buffs or debuffs will be shown. A “whitelist” will show no buffs or debuffs except the ones you select (i’ll come to how you select later). A “blacklist” will show ALL buffs or debuffs except the ones you select.

As mentioned, in this example, we’re creating a default buff window. So it will show all buffs that a player will give you. For example, Fort, Pally Blessings, Gift / Mark of the Wild, Arcane Intellect etc.

At present, your buff window will show you every buff your character receives.

Now to move it to where you want. Click on the tab at the top of your new window and drag to where you wish these to appear. In my case, I have all general buffs showing in the top left of my screen.

Close your SBF configuration window and what you should be left with is a buff window where ever you dragged it too. (Please note, the appearance won’t be exactly the same, I use a number of other addons to alter the appearance of the frames)

Setting Up a Basic Debuff Window

The following will describe how to set up a basic window that shows YOUR (the player) debuffs.

Again, open your configuration window by typing /sbf options

Create a new frame as before by clicking the “New Frame” button in the bottom right hand corner.

Again a new window will appear (most likely called SBF 2)

Rename your window to “Debuffs” and select “Player” from the drop down menu. This time you want to check the box that says “Debuffs” and uncheck the “Buffs” box. Below that, you want to select the box that says “Blacklist” (see image below)

Again, you need to move your window to where you want your debuffs to be. This is a matter of preference. Many people show their debuffs close to where their buffs are.

*Personally* I like to see my debuffs close to my own unit frame. This means I never fail to notice a debuff on me and further more, I have to scroll a very small distance to check what the debuff is!.

At this stage you may need to change the orientation of your buffs. That is to say, whether they list horizontally or vertically. If, like me, you want your debuffs close to your unit frame, you will need to change this orientation to show the buffs horizontally. We do this as follows:-

Type /sbf options to open your configuration window

In the tabs that appear at the top of the window, you will find one entitled “Layout”. Click on this. This will open a tab that allows you to choose how many buffs or debuffs a window can show, whether they are shown in columns or rows, how many per row, how large they are and so on.

Select the check box to the right that says “Rows”. This will sort your debuffs in rows (horizontal alignment) as opposed to columns (vertical alignment).

Here you can also alter other information about the layout of your debuff window (all this information equally applies to your buff window!)

Looking at the options here. We have:-

  • Frame Visibility – I have all my frames to set to show “Always”. You can alter them to show only when you are in combat, only when you are in a party or raid and so on. This can help you to create a very minimalistic UI should you choose.

  • Sorting – Here you can determine how your buffs or debuffs are sorted (alphabetically, how much time is left etc). Mine have no specific sorting as you can see in the screenshot

  • Number of Buffs – This is quite self explanatory, it determines how many buffs a window is allowed to show. For my debuffs (as shown in the screenshot), I have 14 set to show. This is more than needed in all honesty. Remember however, that buff windows will need to show more than your debuffs! If the number is set too low, you may not see all your buffs! (My buff frame is set to 20)

  • “Big” – you’ll see a check box entitled “big”. Clicking this, as you can imagine, makes your debuffs huge. This can be useful for people who struggle to notice things, but you can change the size of your debuffs anyway so I leave this option alone.

  • Scale – this works similarly to your UI scale and determines the size of your debuffs. Mine are set to “1”

  • Opacity – this will add a “fade out” option to your debuffs. Personally I like to see mine but I know some people set their buffs to “fade out”

  • Buffs per row – this is where you tell the addon how many debuffs it can show per row. Mine is set to 7 (meaning I have two rows of debuffs under my unit frame)
  • Buff Growth – this tells the addon in which direction you want your debuffs to show. Mine is set to right. This means that my first debuff will appear in the top left corner of my debuff window. Additional debuffs will then appear to the right of this. It’s an aesthetic option
  • Anchor Point – This determines where your title tab appears. Mine is set to the top

  • Buff Spacing – This tells the addon how far apart you want your debuffs to be. Do you like your debuffs to be all close together? Or do you like a space between them? Decreasing the x and y values will bring the debuffs closer together. Increasing will spread them apart.

More Layout Options

Obviously HOW you want your buffs and debuffs to look is completely upto you. But hopefully this will explain a little about changing some of the basic options

I Like My Buffs to Show as Bars

Not a problem.

Type /sbf options to open your configuration window.

Go to the tab entitled “Bars”

At the top will be a drop down window allowing you to choose which buff / debuff window you wish to edit. In this example, I will change my buffs.

As you can see from the screenshot, there are a lot of options for changing the appearance of your buff bars. You can customize the size, colour and so on.

Actually I Don’t Want Bars But I Do Want Timers

Adding a timer will allow you to see how long is left on a buff without mousing over the icon.

Type /sbf options to open your configuration window.

Select the tab entitled “Timers”.

Here you can check whether a timer will be shown on the buff. What colour it will be shown in and whether or not this colour changes when a buff is about to expire. (For example, you could change the timer to show red when a buff is close to fading)

How Do I set Up a Buff or Debuff Bar for My Target Instead of Me?

Again, type /sbf options to open your configuration window.

Click on the new frame button to the bottom right and a new frame will appear. Scroll over to name this frame. In the drop down menu below the frame’s name, select “Target”. This is telling your addon that the new window is showing target buffs or debuffs and NOT yours. Click the appropriate check box to decide whether this window is for target buffs or debuffs.

Drag your window to wherever you want. For me. I have them both close to my target window.

In the same way, you can create windows for your pets, your focus targets and so on.

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