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February 3, 2010 2 comments

ForteXorcist was originally developed as a warlock addon called Forte Warlock. I began using this a couple of years ago when my warlock was my main character and it was, without doubt, the best warlock addon out there (and I tried a lot).

More recently, Forte was developed with modules for all classes, including shamans. As such, it still remains a solid favourite addon for me and regardless of how many times I tweak my UI, this remains constant.

You can find the addon through the Curse downloader, the curse site or

What It Does

For shamans, Forte primarily tracks three things for a shaman, our spell timers, our totems and our cooldowns. It does this through two distinct elements; the cooldown bar and the spell timers.

The Spell Timers

These are highly configurable to show as little or as much information as you want to see. The shaman module by default will show the time left on your totems, the charges on your water shield and the duration remaining on your flame shock.

The screenshot above demonstrates the totem timers and the visual checker for the water shield stacks.

You can add and remove individual components should you decide you want to track their durations.

In the above screenshot, you can see that I’ve added the cooldowns for both lava burst and chain lightning along with the duration on a number of items and effects. (I turned the totem timers off for this shot).

Personally, I prefer to restrict it to showing my totems, water shield and the duration remaining on my flame shock. In my experience you can end up with a spell timers window far too large if you try to track everything (and I also have other addons displaying similar information).

Cooldown Bar

This is used to track talents and spells with slightly longer cooldowns. For example, heroism / bloodlust, your fire and earth elementals and elemental mastery. As with the spell timers, how many or few cooldowns you choose to track are entirely down to individual choice.

The above shot shows the cooldown bar displaying elemental mastery, heroism, and the two elementals.

In the second shot, you can see that potion cooldown has been added to the bar in addition to Hex.

Once again, you can choose to add the likes of chain lightning or lava burst but due to their much shorter cooldowns, you can run the risk of your bar becoming cluttered (and again, I personally feel that there are better ways in which to track these, should you wish to do so).

Configuring ForteXorcist

In addition to being, in my opinion, one of the best addons around for tracking DoT spells and cooldowns (and I raided as an affliction warlock, so I’ve tried many), it is extremely user friendly.

The default configuration in the shaman module is good in itself, so it can work pretty much “out of the box”.

The above image shows the configuration window for spell timer colours. Customizing a colour for each type of spell you track is as simple as clicking on the coloured box next to the category and selecting from the colour wheel. You can also see the field for entering a custom spell or ability that you wish the timers to track for you.

The shot below shows the same configuration but for the cooldown bar. Here you can see the check box options for turning on and off various cooldowns (such as health stones and potions) and again, you can see the field for entering custom spells or abilities you wish to appear on the bar.

Forte Summary

1/ What does it do?

Tracks your spell and totem durations along with your cooldowns (both shaman specific and others)

2/ Where can I find it?

ForteXorcist at Curse
ForeXorcist at WoW Interface

3/ How simple is it to use?

Very easy to configure should you want to but will also work “out of the box”. Remember to turn on the shaman module at the addon window of character select! (You can turn the other class modules off if you so wish)

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