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Deadly Boss Mods. Modification Courtesy of Damia from Memento Mori Guild

March 4, 2010 2 comments

Last week I wrote an article about the factors that contribute towards someone being an exceptional player. One of the elements I covered there was the importance of a good, clean and informative user interface in ensuring maximum environment awareness in a raid situation.

There were a couple of screenshots features in that article that showed my current Deadly Boss Mods configuration. As I mentioned in response to a comment on the post, the custom layout was created by Damia of Memento Mori guild. For anyone unfamiliar with her, she’s been creating very good UI compilations for a number of years (though obviously geared to her own role of caster DPS).

Should you be interested in either her DBM custom layout or her entire UI compilation, you can find it here.

Due to the extensive modifcations she has made to DBM, you need to save certain files from the addon folder before attempting to update DBM. These then need to be replaced after the update to keep the visual layout the same. While it sounds a hassle, it’s really not that bad.

Locate the DMB-Core folder in your addons directory.

From here, make copies of the textures folder and the dbt-template file. Save these somewhere else.

When it comes to updating DBM, download the addon or update as usual (either manually or via the Curse Updater). Once updated, copy your saved textures folder and dbt-template file back to the DBM-Core folder. You’ll be asked if you wish to merge or replace the files in question. Replace both.

This will allow you to keep Damia’s amazing custom layout while still updating DBM to the latest version.

Should you choose to download her whole UI, she has her own forum thread dedicated to answering any questions or addressing any problems that arise here. Don’t be put off by the Swedish in many of the posts, she’ll reply in English! 😉 Furthermore, any new UI compilations she releases will most likely be detailed there first.

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