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Air Totems

January 29, 2010 3 comments

Wrath of Air Totem

This is basically our default air totem and as signature to the elemental shaman as our Totem of Wrath. This totem gives 5% spell haste to all party and raid members within it’s 30 yards range.

When To Use It

  • All the time! Well, most of the time anyway. If there is another elemental shaman using Wrath of Air, switch to Windfury Totem instead.
  • If you’re in a very melee heavy group, that doesn’t have haste from another source, you may want to drop Windfury Totem

Things to Note

  • This is a raid wide totem.

Windfury Totem

This totem provides 16% melee haste to all party and raid members within it’s 30 yards range

When to Use It

  • When another elemental shaman is using Wrath of Air Totem in the raid.
  • When you are in a very heavy melee group that do not have an equivalent or superior buff. (A frost speced death knight provides the equivalent buff. An enhancement speced shaman can talent this totem to be superior to the elemental version)

Things to Note

  • This is a raid wide totem

Grounding Totem

This totem’s will reflect one harmful spell targeted at the shaman or a nearby party member.

When To Use It

  • This totem will find it’s primary use in PvP situations. (Note:- This can include the Faction Champions encounter in Trial of the Crusader. However, I would personally only recommend it’s use if another elemental shaman is providing Wrath of Air totem)

Things to Note

  • It will NOT reflect AoE spells
  • Once it has reflected one spell, the totem will be destroyed.
  • It has a relatively low duration compared to most of our totems (45 seconds)
  • It has a 15 second cooldown

Nature Resistance Totem

This is one of our resistance totems. It provides 130 nature resistance to all party and raid member’s within it’s range of 30 yards.

When To Use It

  • When there is very high, raid wide nature damage that simply MUST be reduced.
  • When there is another elemental shaman in the raid providing Wrath of Air totem, melee haste is covered by an enhancement shaman or frost death knight and an encounter has some nature damage.

Things to Note

  • This is a raid wide totem.
  • Using this totem has a high “cost” to a elemental shaman as Wrath of Air is simply that good. Therefore, unless the nature damage is such that the raid will wipe without the totem, avoid it’s use.

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