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Elemental Glyphs – Minors

February 27, 2010 2 comments

Where major glyphs tend to boost an aspect of our actual DPS spells, minor glyphs remove reagents and act as more convenience glyphs. As such, you will probably have more flexibility in what you use.

Glyph of Thunderstorm

The tooltip says:-

  • Increases the mana you receive from your Thunderstorm spell by 2%, but it no longer knocks enemies back.

This glyph is rather self explanatory. Our Thunderstorm ability will return 10% mana as opposed to it’s default 8% and the knock back portion of the spell is removed. The value of this glyph depends somewhat on your style of play. If, like me, you tend to use Thunderstorm as an AoE ability then your tanks are likely to insist that you glyph it. During AoE pulls, I will go into melee range to place down a Magma Totem, as I move back out of melee range, I’ll use Thunderstorm and then Fire Nova before commencing with single target DPS and Chain Lightnings.

An un-glyphed Thunderstorm would send the mobs scattering not only annoying your tanks but also running the risk of pulling more mobs and voiding the position on you Magma Totem.

Other Elemental Shaman’s will use this primarily as a mana gain and specifically for it’s knock back ability in some situations. Indeed, there is one particular encounter in Icecrown Citadel, Saurfang, where the knock back component of this spell is extremely useful.

In PvP, the value of this spell lays in it’s ability to knock back your enemies and it increases your survivability enormously.

It’s worth considering your style of PvE play before deciding whether or not to glyph this ability. I raid with it glyphed for all fights with the exception of Saurfang. If you choose not to glyph it, it maybe worth carrying a few copies of this glyph with you.

Recommendation Level – Recommended

Glyph of Water Shield

The tooltip states:-

  • Increases the number of charges on your Water Shield by one.

As the tooltip states, this glyph adds another charge to our Water Shield, increasing it to four charges. On fights with a lot of raid wide damage, you’ll find you have to refresh your Water Shield more than on fights with little. Due to this, you can refresh your Water Shield less frequently, thus freeing up those global cool downs for a DPS cast. While this DPS increase is very minimal, it’s still better than nothing.

This glyph loses it’s value on fights with a lot of movement since the chances are you have little you can do here other than cast the odd Frost Shock, perhaps refresh Flame Shock, reposition totems and reset your Water Shield charges.

Recommendation Level – Recommended

Glyph of Ghost Wolf

The tooltip states:-

  • Your ghost wolf form regenerates an additional 1% of your maximum health every 5 seconds.

As the tooltip states, this glyph provides you with extra health regeneration while in Ghost Wolf form. While it’s a fairly cute concept, Shaman’s are highly restricted on where we can use this in terms of a raid situation. If we could use Ghost Wolf inside, then the value of this would be quite large. Sadly, we can not.

As a PvP glyph and in combination with the Improved Ghost Wolf talent, this is very valuable. It removes the cast time from your Ghost Wolf form, allowing you an escape route, in addition to regenerating your health as you flee.

In addition to PvP, it can also be useful as a levelling glyph.

Recommendation Level – Useful, but not for raiding.

Glyph of Renewed Life

The tooltip states:-

  • Your reincarnation spell no longer requires a reagent.

A very standard format for a minor glyph. This removes the need to carry Ankh reagents around with you. The benefit of this glyph depends on a couple of things. Firstly, how good you are at preparing for a raid (or rather, the probability that you may forget to stock up on reagents) and secondly, whether you can justify the bag space in carrying them around with you. Personally, I always use this glyph. While I am generally good at remembering to stock up on reagents, forgetting to buy Ankhs and feeling the wrath of my guild master when I can’t reincarnate mid fight concerns me. A few of our glyphs remove the requirement for reagents, but reincarnate is the only one I use in a raid environment.

For people new to the Shaman class or who perhaps play their Shaman as an alt and are more likely to forget to buy reagents, I’d highly recommend this glyph.

Recommendation Level – Recommended.

Glyph of Astral Recall

The tooltip states:-

    The cooldown of your Astral Recall spell is reduced by 7.5 minutes.

There’s no hidden value in this glyph, it simply reduces the cool down on Astral Recall. While it’s a nifty idea, with all the alternative modes of transport these days, I don’t feel it’s justify. Hearth stone cool down’s are now 30 minutes. There are Kirin’Tor rings allowing you an additional HS effect. The Argent Tournament allows you to purchase a tabard to travel directly there. Scribes and engineers both have additional means of transport also.

I carry a few of these glyphs around during world events when using Dalaran as a portal hub is valuable and time saving. Aside from that, I feel there are more valuable minor glyphs.

Recommendation Level – Down to personal preference

Glyph of Water Walking

The tooltip states:-

  • Your water walking spell no longer requires a reagent

Another convenience glyph designed to remove the need to carry around reagents. While not depending on remember to buy reagents to be able to cast a spell is always handy, this glyph obviously has no benefit to a raid environment at all. It may be of some use to those levelling in that they can travel across water faster without the worry of remembering reagents but even then, there are arguably better glyphs for levelling.

Recommendation Level –Low

Glyph of Water Breathing

The tooltip states:-

  • Your Water Breathing spell no longer requires a reagent.

Yet another glyph to remove reagent requirements. Again, this has no real value to a raiding Elemental Shaman but maybe of some use to people while levelling up (although in all honesty, most quests that require you to travel under water now provide you with items to breath anyway)

Recommendation Level –Low

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