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Ancestral Swiftness Removal a Bug

July 22, 2010 6 comments

After the new beta build went live yesterday, I offered a review of the changes to the talent trees. Like many blogs, I was mourning the loss of Ancestral Swiftness.

The good news broke today that it’s “removal” was a bug and the talent remains on the second tier of the enhancement tree. You can read the source of the confirmation here.


New Beta Build Brings Shaman Changes

July 21, 2010 10 comments

(Image courtesy of MMO Champion.)

A new beta build went live over night and brought many talent changes to all classes. For the shaman, these are primarily “reshuffling” type changes. The new shaman talent calculator can be found here.

The primary changes that we’re looking at are as follows:-

The first two changes make sense. Elemental Devastation was an enhancement talent purely forcing those players to dip into the elemental tree. Ancestral Knowledge was the same concept for us. The removal of Ancestral Swiftness is a loss for us and I doubt that I’m alone in being sorely disappointed that Blizzard chose to cut this talent. Moving Improved Shields to tier one of the enhancement tree keeps it within reach of elemental shaman dipping into the tree (moving Ancestral Knowledge would have made it otherwise impossible for us to reach this talent.)

As anyone who read my last post regarding potential talent builds, I had been keen on taking Ancestral Swiftness. This brings about the question, where will the remaining points go?

Personally, I will probably be looking at a build resembling this. The obvious core talents in elemental remain the same. You could easily switch between points in Improved Fire Nova and Reverberation.

This build dips into restoration and takes Ancestral Resolve which in addition to Elemental Warding will increase our survivability.

It leaves five points left over and there are some interesting choices to be made here. We can take both Improved Fire Nova and Reverberation where needed. We can take Improved Shields if we want the additional mana regeneration from water shield. We could even look at taking Spark of Life. Slightly reminiscent of a warlock’s Demon Armor could offer an additional 5% healing received and again, increases our survivability a great deal. This build also doesn’t account for Elemental Reach. I’m still hoping on news regarding new mechanics for our fire DPS totems before committing to this talent. We’re currently so inhibited by the range on our offensive fire totems that to gain additional range on our spells is a situational gain. Many elemental shaman will position themselves closer to the boss than most ranged casters to ensure their searing totem has range. Until those totems either gain more range or have another mechanic added to allow us to place them at the feet of a boss, added range on our main offensive spells isn’t a huge gain.

In conclusion, we’ve lost Ancestral Swiftness. If the shaman round table podcast was anything to go by, many elemental players were really excited about this talent if ghost wolf remained usable indoors. However, we do still have some interesting choices remaining. Some of our talents have been shuffled around to a more logical position.