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Icecrown Citadel – Lord Marrowgar

February 5, 2010 1 comment

This boss guide is now up to date as of the 5th of March when Marrowgar’s agro reset after using bone storm was removed from the encounter.

Lord Marrowgar is the first boss you will encounter in Icecrown Citadel. He isn’t a difficult boss though he does require quite a bit of movement along with some target changing.

There are a couple of different positioning tactics for this fight but firstly, I’ll detail how we do the fight.

You’ll find Lord Marrowgar on the ground floor of Icecrown Citadel. Depending upon your viewing distance in game, you’ll probably see him very early as you start to clear the trash.

The picture above shows Marrowgar’s room. You can buff at the entrance and get an idea of the area. You’ll have to move quite a bit during phase two of this fight, so familiarising yourself with the room is a good idea.


As I mentioned at the start, there are a couple of ways to tackle this boss in terms of the positioning. I’ll detail our method first and then cover the second method towards the end.

The image above shows how we position the boss, the tanks and the raid in phase 1. The “pull” is much like Anub in Trial of the Crusader, we all, as a raid, move in together. As a ranged DPS you will be stood in melee range with everyone else.

Marrowgar is a two phased fight. These phases cycle until the boss dies (that is to say, phase 1, phase 2, phase 1, phase 2 and so on)

Phase One

We all charge in and position as in the diagram above. We pop heroism at the start of this fight so for me, it’s totems down and heroism popped.

There are two main abilities you need to be watching out for in phase 1.

Cold Flame

If you ever did Supremus in Black Temple, you’ve pretty much experienced Cold Flame before in it’s previous life. Marrowgar will “shoot” bright blue flames out of him (they’re cold flames though, as the name suggests). These travel slowly and always in a straight line so avoiding them is easy. If you use the positioning that we do and you’re standing directly underneath him, you shouldn’t get hit by them at all.

Bone Spike

A spike will shoot from the ground and impale one raid member. All DPS need to switch targets and kill this before the impaled person dies. The second advantage of stacking the DPS in the position I illustrated is that the impaled person will always be very close to all the DPS. This ensures no one needlessly dies. It also makes the raid achievement “Boned” incredibly easy.

Phase Two

At approximately 45 seconds into the fight, Marrowgar will do the following emote:-

Lord Marrowgar creates a whirling storm of bone!

This signals the start of phase two.

As the illustration above shows, the raid all need to move away from the boss towards the edges of the room. Try and keep a distance from each other. Marrowgar will cast Bonestorm which is a whirlwind type attack. He’ll randomly target and pursue one raid member for a short amount of time before changing targets. This phase lasts for 30 seconds and Bonestorm has a one minute cool down from the end of the phase.

(Note:- As cold flame is a recycled mechanic from Black Temple’s Supremus. Bonestorm is exactly the same as the whirlwind Leotheras did in Serpentshrine Caverns.

Take note that during phase two there will still be cold flames. Be very careful where you run. Avoiding the whirlwind is your top priority as this hurts more than the odd tick of cold flame. Ideally, you shouldn’t be hit by either.


No specific totems are needed here, so whatever your normal raid totems are will suffice. You may find yourself needing to reposition them after phase two. Our tanks always resume tanking at the wall, close to where you first enter the room. Depending on how much you move him will dictate whether you need to reset your totems

Alternative Positioning

Marrowgar is tanked pretty much where he is stood in the room. The tanks turn him around to face the back wall. As ranged, you will spread around the back of him in a semi circle along with the healers.

The cold flame will be targeted at people stood at ranged. Watch for this coming towards you and move accordingly.

At the start of phase two, run back to the walls of the room.


Lord Marrowgar is a very straight forward opening boss to Icecrown Citadel. As a shaman all you need to worry about is:-

  • Avoid the Cold Flame in both phases (though if positioned under Marrowgar in phase 1, it is of little concern to you)
  • DPS the Bone Spikes (it may help to make a macro to target these)

As I said, we use heroism at the very beginning since you then have approximately 45 seconds before the first Bone Storm. Always check with your raid leader as to when he or she wants this using.

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