About This Blog

Initially this started as a blog focusing on Elemental Shamans in World of Warcraft and, specifically, their role in a raiding environment. Ideas tend to morph from their original state and this has been the case here too. After rekindling my love for writing, the blog’s subject areas are expanding to incorporate more generalised WoW themes.

In Game

I’ve played WoW since it’s closed US beta. However, throughout Vanilla, I was actively raiding in another MMO and couldn’t spare the time to commit to a raiding schedule in WoW also. As such, my Vanilla WoW days were spent playing a mage and pursuing a secondary interest of mine in all MMOs, the economy game. A couple of months before the launch of tBC, myself and a real life group of friends decided it was time to try a new game (having all been raiding together). We’d all dabbled in WoW since it’s release but were scattered over several realms and split between both factions. Naturally, this was long before the invention of paid faction changes so we decided we’d all start over on a fresh realm for the tBC launch and as Horde.

We levelled together (with myself as a Warlock) and we formed a guild of which I was the GM. We were raiding from our first steps into Karazhan as just ten people, through to the early stages of Sunwell. By this time, most of my friends had quit WoW and my remaining officers were burning out and longing to take the guild in a more casual direction. As this was something that didn’t appeal to me, I handed over the leadership and quit. At that time, my realm’s leading guild in terms of PvE progression was an Alliance guild and they were looking for another Warlock. I, quite crazily when I look back, quit my Horde Warlock and levelled up an Alliance lock to join them. With this guild, I progressed through Sunwell in it’s pre-nerf form but sadly, we only killed Kil’Jaeden just after the grand patch 3.0 nerfs.

The guild in question had a tough start to the Wrath expansion and I ultimately left with a couple of friends. I spent a few months drifting around, struggling to find anywhere I truly felt at home. Over the summer of 2009, I began raiding ten man content outside of official raids with a static guild group. This group was generally quite successful and it became apparent to most of us that the ten man raids were much more enjoyable than our official twenty five man raids. By this time, Blizzard had shown a strong commitment to supporting ten man content. In addition, Guildox.com had announced their intention to start tracking the progress of strict ten man guilds, that is to say, the players who only raided ten man content.

Just prior to the launch of the Trial of the (Grand) Crusader instance, we took the decision to form a strict ten man guild. At the same time, I switched my main character to my Shaman, a class I had long respected and instantly fallen in love with after levelling.

My main spec has switched backwards and forwards between Elemental and Restoration since then depending upon the demands of the guild at any one time. Through Icecrown, my focus has been Elemental and this suits me perfectly.

Outside of raids I love to collect things; primarily pets and mounts. After effectively loosing all my achievement points on my Warlock when I rerolled, I initially paid little attention to them, although my interest has recently started to perk back up.

Outside of the Game

My love for pets continues there also and I share my life with a horse, two donkeys, a siberian husky, one house cat, numerous barn cats, two bunnies and a pond full of fish.

I’ve played numerous MMO games and raided in a couple. Aside from MMOs, I enjoy RTS games, turn based strategy games and fantasy RPGs.

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