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SC II Launch and More Site Updates

Starcraft II received it’s greatly anticipated launch last night (I’m sure I wasn’t the only person queuing outside) and while not directly related to World of Warcraft, the collector’s edition did boast an in game vanity pet.

He has an amazing in game animation (though his place in the genre is undoubtedly debatable). Learning this pet does grant a Feat of Strength for those interested in such achievements. He’s definitely one for the vanity pet collector’s out there. Sadly for those who aren’t interested in playing Starcraft, you do need to install and register the game’s keycode to receive this pet. He’s automatically mailed out to all characters on your battlenet account (assuming, of course, that you register your Starcraft key to the same account.) The pet isn’t any kind of code that you can grab from the box so reselling the game isn’t an option.

Finally, I spent this morning updating my article on major glyph choices for the elemental shaman. You can find it here should you be interested in checking that out. It’s now entirely up to date and contains a little more in depth data about each glyph.

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  1. Maker
    July 27, 2010 at 7:52 pm

    WTB Mini Thor vs Grunty. PPV!

    That pet makes me jealous. Sadly, I’ve never been a fan of RTS. 😦

    • July 27, 2010 at 8:01 pm

      I sympathise with all the pet collectors out there that are going to miss this little guy because of the way this has been conducted 😦

      WoW appeals to many different players and some of those derive their pleasure from collecting pets, mounts, achievements and so on.

      While there is always the option of buying collectors editions of WoW expansions if you want the accompanying vanity pet (or even buying store pets, playing the TCG or buying Blizzcon pets), at least they are part of the game you choose to play.

      Attaching this pet to an entirely different genre and universe is a little mean to those players IMO.

      I was fortunate that I intended to buy and play SC II anyway but it’s awfully expensive to purchase if you don’t want to play 😦 As I mentioned in the article, you can’t sell on the account either 😦 Nor hope to get a code from a non-WoW friend 😦

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