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Blizzard Pet Store Expands to Mounts

When patch 3.3.3 was on the PTR, a couple of new mount and pet models were data mined from the files. While the location of some of these became apparent, the amazing Celestial Steed was still a mystery.

Many speculated that he would drop from the boss in Ruby Sanctum, but as I posted at the time, I couldn’t see how the model fit well with the setting of the instance.

Today the source of the mount has become clear. It is to be added in the latest round of micro transaction pets and mounts available from the Blizzard store (albeit it, this is the first mount to be sold).

The speed of the mount depends upon your current in game mounts. If you have earned a 310% mount already, then this guy will be the same speed. For those who haven’t, he’s a 280% speed flying mount.

If you haven’t yet seen his in game animation, you can find a video here.

In addition to the celestial steed, the Lil’XT pet will also be added to the pet store.

There’s no word yet as to when these guys will appear for sale nor the price of either of the collectibles.

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