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Pure Pwnage!

Yet another update (I’m on a roll tonight)

Hey noobs,
I’m gonna like totally like pwn you noobs,
‘Cos I pwn you,
I own you like pretty hard and stuff right!

The above are lyrics. They’re the lyrics to the theme music for a show called Pure Pwnage. Some of you may already be familiar with the hit show “The Guild”. If you’re not, I’d encourage you to check it out for some light, out of game entertainment.

Pure Pwnage has been floating around the internet as a web show for a few years. More recently, it’s creators decided to make it into a TV show and it premiered a couple of weeks ago. I finally watched a couple of episodes tonight after my boyfriend drew my attention to it. The verdict? It’s very funny and while not a show you’d want to sit and enjoy with your none gaming friends, it’s definitely worthy of some relaxation time while you ponder your next viable excuse for failing to meet your friends on a raid evening.

If my judgement alone isn’t enough to entice you, there is an epic scene at the end of the first episode featuring a WoW guild battling for their Tribute to Insanity achievement. I’m sure most of you remember the ventrillo recording of a guild battling Onyxia from Vanilla… More DoTs, More DoTs, Stop DoTs! Oh My God that’s a 50 DKP minus! Yes? Well this clip recaptures exactly that style of raid leading.

Much like the guild, their episodes are available via their own website so you don’t have to worry about illegal downloading. Enjoy while you wait for your servers to come off after the application of patch 3.3!

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