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New PTR Build Brings Elemental Set Changes

As predicted after the initial round of PTR changes that allowed the damage portion of our Flame Shock ability to be both critical strikes and affected by haste, we’ve seen changes announced today to the Elemental Shaman tier ten set bonuses.

The latest PTR build now contains the following Elemental Shaman changes:-

Flame Shock

  • The damage-over-time component of this ability can now produce critical strikes and is affected by spell haste.

Elemental Oath

  • This ability is now always on as a passive aura

Glyph of Flame Shock

  • Increases the critical strike damage bonus of your Flame Shock periodic damage by 60%.

Shaman T10 Elemental Four Piece Bonus

  • Your Lava Burst spell causes your Flame Shock effect on the target to deal at least two additional periodic damage ticks before expiring. (Old – Your Lava Burst spell increases the duration of your Flame Shock effect on the target by 6 sec.)

Shaman T8 Elemental Two Piece Bonus

  • Increases periodic damage done by your Flame Shock ability by 20%. (Old – The periodic damage dealt by your Flame Shock can now be critical strikes.)

  • Lastly, and very unrelated to the Elemental Shaman set bonus alteration, the following model was found in the PTR files

    Image courtesy of MMO Champion

    There’s obviously no word on where this mount comes from but I’m saying in advance, I need one! (Naturally, all the strict ten man readers out there know it’s going to be a reward that we can never have just because Blizzard enjoy doing that to us)

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