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Elemental Shaman – Boss Guides

February 5, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

It was my intention from the start of this blog, to try and present some boss guides purely from the perspective of an elemental shaman. While I believe that it’s important to have a good overview of all encounters, I also believe that sometimes, boss guides can become so very complex that following them can be a struggle.

I have always had a hard time reading strategy guides for new raids. I’ve always been in reasonably progressed guilds where researching new bosses was imperative and those members who clearly didn’t were frequently removed from a raid. Yet I find it incredibly hard to read an often length block of text detailing various abilities. I can’t visualise the encounter from that text. This has caused me great worry in the past. During tBC I rerolled from Horde to Alliance specifically to join a particular guild (way before the invention of faction changes obviously). At the time this guild were progressing in Sunwell and were a couple of bosses ahead of my previous experience. I spent a lot of time struggling through guides, panicking that if I didn’t perform, it would affect my trial with the guild.

In my current guild, I try quite hard to break encounters down for other people who struggle like I do. I make silly paint drawings of raid positions and arrows indicating where they should run during each phase.

In these guides, I’m going to break that down even further. They are purely aimed at elemental shamans and what will be expected of you during certain raid encounters. Arguably, they apply on a basic level to a lot of ranged caster DPS but my focus is on what we do. I’ll try and cover what totems to use so no one gets any nasty surprises mid way through a fight.

One final thing to note however, I only primarily raid ten man content. While my guild do a weekly twenty five man pug, due to us being a ten man strict guild, we can only do older content. Therefore, my experience of Icecrown Citadel on twenty five man is non-existent. Please keep this in mind 😉

These guides won’t all be up at once and I have no idea how long they will take me to complete (some of this depends on my own guild’s progress, particularly as we start to move into hard modes).

I hope they prove useful to some people out there.

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  1. Praetax
    April 16, 2010 at 9:40 am

    Cant believe it took me so long to find this blog. Awesome material throughout. keep em coming 🙂

    • April 16, 2010 at 10:16 am

      Aaw, thank you 🙂

      That’s a really nice thing to say 🙂

      Welcome! And I hope you keep coming back!

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