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Shaman Tier 10 Four Set Bonus Redesigned – Patch 3.3.2

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From the time when the graphics for the shaman tier ten set were first released, it was hard to not be impressed with visuals of the set. The set looks amazing and after the ridiculously long wait by the shaman community for a glimpse at our final tier set of the expansion, we were hopeful overall.

The Old

This was before the set bonuses were released however. These were:-

Two set – Your Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning spells reduce the remaining cooldown on your Elemental Mastery Talent by 2 seconds

Four set – The cooldown on your Lava Burst ability is reduced by 1.5 seconds

The two set bonus isn’t bad. Our elemental mastery talent is a core ability without doubt. My main complaint with this is that there are perhaps occasions where you would want to hold off using the ability slightly for a better DPS effect. In these situations, the two set bonus is meaningless to us. If you wanted to delay it’s use for “blow all cooldowns” phase, it’s redundant. On fights that are too short for us to gain real benefit from the cooldown reduction it is, again, pointless. This makes the bonus situational as opposed to static.

As it stands now, the best option is to use elemental mastery as soon as it is off cooldown. Assuming you’re doing so, the set bonus is worth around the one hundred DPS mark at best.

The four set bonus on the other hand, is pretty diabolical. The cooldown on lava burst is 8 seconds. With the four set tier ten bonus, it is at 6.5 seconds. The duration of our flame shock is 18 seconds. Using lava burst when flame shock is not on the target makes no sense. The basic maths shows that this bonus doesn’t allow us to squeeze in one more lava burst per flame shock. Infact, it encourages us to clip our flame shocks (and basic DoT management of any class will dictate that this is generally a bad thing to do). This equated to a four set bonus worth around 60 DPS. Yes, 60 DPS. When you consider shamans were already lagging behind in the DPS stakes, a four set bonus so poorly designed as this merely amplifies the problem.

With such a pathetically small bonus to be had from equipping four pierces of tier armour, many elemental shamans declared that they simply wouldn’t bother and that the benefit from the higher stats received from seeking out absolute best in slot items would be stronger than the four set bonus.

The New

Blizzard announced before Christmas that they would be investigating this four set bonus and if necessary, redesigning it.

Finally with the release of patch 3.3.2, we have that redesign:-

Successful Lava Burst casts now increase the duration of Flame Shock on the target by 6 seconds.

It’s certainly not earth shatteringly new. A similar idea was used for the two set bonus in the shaman tier 9. The value of this set bonus is quite obvious. As I’ve mentioned in the spell rotation section, flame shock has a (very) small initial damage component, followed by a reasonable DoT component. It’s presence is needed to guarantee that our lava bursts will be critical strikes. Our lava burst hits extending the duration of flame shock means we have to cast the shock less often. This allows that global cooldown to be better spent on a higher damage nuke. When you consider that we cast flame shock approximately once every 18 seconds (give or take, most shamans find themselves having to “clip” their shocks), it should save us one global cooldown every 18 seconds.

It doesn’t address the issue of clipping the flame shock itself sadly. We will probably still find ourselves needing to refresh the shock before the odd incoming lava burst to ensure we don’t lose our critical strike guarantee. Another down side is that it’s value on AoE pulls is minimal. The adds will probably die far too quickly for this bonus to really take effect.

On a tank and spank fight, this new bonus equates to around 150-200 DPS. This is a huge improvement over our former tier ten set bonus and certainly more in line with our previous ones.

In movement fights, we need to alter our play somewhat. There is no longer any value in using flame shock just because we have little else to use. Indeed, this could cause us a loss of DPS. As I mentioned in my rotation section however, we do have (often forgotten) other shocks. Frost shock has a higher initial hit than flame shock anyway, making it quite ideal to now weave into a rotation during movement sections of a fight. (Do remember that it also has a higher threat value, so be sure it’s safe to do this before shocking.)

In addition to the tweaking of the shamanism talent, patch 3.3.2 is looking quite exciting for the raiding elementals out there.

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  1. gatecheck
    February 27, 2010 at 6:54 pm

    I just discovered your website and I cant wait to go over all of your posts. I love UI configs and love my 6 month old shaman which has become my main. I was looking in particular for info on the elemental tier bonus and this helped a lot. My main spec is resto but my guild will switch me to ele and at any given moment so I am trying to better my gear for that as well. I have enough badges to buy 2 pieces of gear (one 95 badges and one 60 badges) and I am not sure if I should get the 4 piece tier bonus for resto or the 2 piece elemental bonus.

    Sadly I would need to get either the gloves or the pants to stay hit capped and I hate to spend badges on items that could drop in VOA.

    Thanks a ton and keep up the great work.

    • February 27, 2010 at 7:08 pm

      It’s awesome to hear that your enjoying your shaman so much. As a quite recent reroller myself, I can relate to your enthusiasm for the class 🙂

      I can sympathise with your issue regarding the hit cap. Up until around two weeks ago, I was gemming for hit which I always detest doing. To aggravate the issue, I had chosen to craft the Lightning Infused Leggings over taking the tier legs (and while their stats are better, they lack the hit). Fortunately in the last couple of resets I’ve been lucky enough to loot the Lich Wrappings cloak and bought the Maghia’s Misguided Quil which worked well for me with my levels of hit.

      In regards to the restoration set bonuses, in all honesty, I’ve barely been playing as resto recently (ironic since it was my main spec prior to ICC). I’ve healed on Valithria and once in TotGC since Icecrown launched. However, I am going to try and get the blog a little bit more upto date for the people playing resto offspecs (as I know many ele shamans do).

      There will be many, many more posts on UI design and spot lighting a few awesome addons in the future. Much like yourself by the sounds of it, I’m a keen fan of UI modification and spend a lot of time tweaking my UI to be just so 😉 Alas, it’s a matter of finding time between raiding, my real life commitments and levelling my second elemental shaman atm!

      Thanks for dropping by the blog, I hope it helps and any further questions or comments are welcome 🙂

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