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Patch 3.3.2 – Elemental Changes

February 2, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

For the raiders out there, this is arguably the patch we have all been waiting for since Icecrown Citadel finally went live on the 9th of December. Patch 3.3.2 unlocks the final wing of the raid instance including none other than the Lich King himself.

Of equal interest for the elemental shamans out there was (finally) the admittance from Blizzard that our DPS wasn’t quite upto par. Quite why it has taken them until this stage to either realise or act upon this is baffling. Never the less, here is the change to shamanism:-

Shamanism: This talent now provides 4/8/12/16/20% extra spell damage to Lightning Bolt/Chain Lightning, up from 3/6/9/12/15%, and 5/10/15/20/25% to Lava Burst, up from 4/8/12/16/20%.

Needless to say, since it’s appearance back in patch 3.0.8, shamanism has been the core end game talent for the elemental shamans and it’s obvious to see why the developers chose to boost our DPS through the alteration of this talent.

How Does Shamanism Work?

First things first. This is not an increase to the base damage of any of our spells. These remain unchanged.

Shamanism effects our spell coefficients. (A coefficient at it’s most basic level is a multiplier). The coefficient dictates how much our bonus spell power will effect the base damage of the spell we’re casting. In this case, shamanism has been increased at it’s highest level talent point by 5%.

The result is that an additional 5% of your spell power will be added to each cast of the effected spells. Therefore, your lightning bolts, chain lightnings and lava burst will gain an additional 5% of your bonus spell power.

Due to this and the fact the boost is to our spell coefficients, this change will be felt more at the higher levels of gear (i.e. the shamans will the higher levels of spell power will get the biggest gain in raw dps).

Charles, over at Planet of the Hats (http://wowhats.wordpress.com) used his amazing Zap! spreadsheet to run some analysis on the raw DPS increase we can expect from this change. Zap is currently estimating a 4-5% DPS increase without the use of offensive fire totems (good news for those of us who are still using Totem of Wrath!). As mentioned, because this change is effecting the coefficient, the 5% increase applies to a shaman running best in slot gear and therefore benefiting most from this tweak.

While some voices from the community are claiming this still isn’t enough, it’s a sizeable increase to our output and will hopefully make us competitive on the metres again. Happy nuking people!

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